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Digitalisation for SHDF – a cheat sheet

If you are a housing provider it’s been hard to miss the launch of the next wave of the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund. Funding applications open shortly, and need to be submitted before November (dates are not fixed at the time of publishing this blog).

A shiny new feature in this round is a line of funding for digitalisation projects, alongside the funding for decarbonisation of homes. Since this is our bread and butter we have put together a 1 page cheat sheet (HT to Jon Daley at Magenta Living for the concept!) covering what digitalisation is, for the purposes of this bid, the conditions on bidding for this funding and the benefits you might want to call out in an application.

Download the cheat sheet below – and of course if you want to discuss how Purrmetrix can support you in bidding for the Digitalisation Funding then please do get in touch. There’s always a real live human on the end of our contact form.

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