About us

I really don’t know if my building is working as it should

We hear this a lot and it makes us crazy.  Getting good data on how your building is performing shouldn’t be hard. A building that is too cold or too hot is hard to live in and it almost literally burns money. More seriously, there is ample evidence that poor environmental control can have serious implications for space utilisation, staff productivity and even staff retention.

And yet a lot of businesses find that getting the environment right across a whole facility is a struggle: without good quality evidence no-one can take confident decisions or see whether those decisions were the right ones. Contractors can’t deliver the service they would like to and valuable opportunities for energy saving are missed.

Here at project Purr this is the problem that interests us. What can you find out about a building from good quality data? Can you identify troublespots in the fabric or the services? Can you make better decisions about where to fix things and where to make those energy efficiency investments?

We’re working on some simple solutions that will help people understand what is happening, make the right changes and save money and energy.

Simple technology – big idea.

Temperature sensors for heatmapping building

Purr uses an array of simple, affordable sensors to measure the temperature across a whole building, at a fine level of detail. This data is sent back to a web application where it is mapped onto a plan of the building, and used to create some fine analysis of how well building services are working, and actions to take to improve its performance.


Who are we?

Purrmetrix was founded by a small group of assorted technophiles from Cambridge. With a background in smart grid, data analytics and commercial property, we’ve all done our time in the energy efficiency world: now we want to create a tool that is useful, simple and beautiful. A tool to give an office a voice.

More information about what we are doing read our blog or email me: I’m hermione.crease@purrmetrix.com, and I’m always happy to hear from people.