Monitoring Air Quality

Provide a productive and healthy building for colleagues and visitors



For real estate professionals who are trying to create better places, indoor air quality monitoring protects the health and productivity of the people living and working in their buildings.

The data is in. Multiple studies in offices show that maintaining good indoor air quality improves productivity for a wide range of tasks, and protects employees from a range of conditions including allergies, eye problems, fatigue and respiratory distress. Proof of good air quality is now an important component in certifying buildings for programs such as WELL, BREAM or LEED.

How Facilities Managers can help

Numerous studies, across many different environments, have emphasised the importance of air quality in enhancing alertness, reducing fatigue and protecting a team’s ability to focus on critical tasks. Factors such as CO2, temperature and humidity play a critical role in supporting productivity, especially in tasks that require strategic thinking or jobs that need focus to deliver a process correctly.

Control of humidity, particulates and VOCs are equally important in reducing common health problems and reducing staff absences.

The link between productivity and air quality is fascinating and emphasises that facilities managers have a vital role to play in supporting a business. Changing ventilation strategies, providing different meeting facilities, adjusting space utilisation all make a difference to the health of workplace. But they need monitoring of their effectiveness.

Health in housing

Meanwhile, for landlords managing large housing estates, understanding the environment in their housing is a valuable tool. Data on indoor environment helps vulnerable tenants manage health conditions and provides valuable insights into potential maintenance problems before the costs escalate:

– risks of mold and condensation
– status of heating systems
– alerts of a flooding event

Knowing that the building is warm, dry and effectively ventilated gives landlords peace of mind.

Air quality solutions built with property professionals in mind

Purrmetrix is an award winning solution that helps you provide a productive and efficient space for your colleagues and visitors. Our technology is designed to be accurate, scaleable and affordable, working effectively in small deployments or in entire campuses.

Indoor air quality monitoring not only helps protect the productivity and health of those in the building, it provides a powerful tool to manage buildings more effectively. Analysis of IAQ data can reduce maintenance costs, avoid energy waste, and, when coupled with movement detection, help make improvements in space utilisation.

With more than four million sensor hours under our belt we have learnt a few lessons about what is important to real estate professionals:

– easy to manage sensors. Scaleable, secure, and precisely targeted to the parameters you are interested in

– standalone connectivity. Plus managed connectivity service to reduce stress of supporting retrofitted sensors

– integrations. We play nicely with third party sensors. We have a range of integrations for popular sensors

– powerful and intuitive web tools. To analyse your data, set up reports, manage devices and integrate data from other sources

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Purrmetrix Pro provides everything a busy professional team needs for precision management of environments:

  • easily deployed, affordable environmental sensors
  • a flexible and scaleable web service to store the data
  • a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information
  • reporting and alerts tools
  • export and API facilities

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