Used in hundreds of schools and workplaces across the country, Purrmetrix CO2 sensors make it simple to measure your ventilation.

Quick to fit, with a powerful app, it allows you to monitor multiple locations 24/7 and quickly confirm where CO2 is building up. 

Our unobtrusive wireless NDIR sensors collect and report CO2 levels every 30 seconds. Straight out of the box these connect to the Purrmetrix gateway and log into the web app with no need for complex wifi configuration. In the app multiple sensors can map CO2 levels across your building, with built in alerts for high levels.

Continuous monitoring is vital for identifying when, as well as where, ventilation problems occur. So as well as changing building systems you can quickly review and reduce behaviours that cause problems, such as over occupancy of meeting rooms. The continuous stream of high quality CO2 measurements support deep insights in our web app, including alerts on threshold breaches, rankings for best and worst performing areas and estimation of air changes.

In short, Purrmetrix offers users uniquely easy to manage sensors, accurate multipoint CO2 sensing, powerful analytics to create deep insights into the ventilation and IAQ in your workplace.

CO2 monitoring in the time of COVID

CO2 levels provide a very useful signal for any facility manager trying to assess COVID risk and ventilation rates. Every person in a space breathes out CO2, at a concentration typically around 40,000 parts per million (ppm). If someone in the room has COVID, they will also be breathing out infectious material in an aerosol. An effective ventilation system will be able to expel stale air and bring in fresh at a rate that keeps the CO2 levels from building up to uncomfortable levels: and by diluting any infected air it will also reduce the risk of contagion to the people in the space.

Understanding CO2 levels across the whole building helps facilities managers identify what strategies are working, reduce high risk practises (such as holding meetings in unventilated spaces) and demonstrate to occupiers that the space is working for them in the fight against COVID.

Indoor air quality solutions built with property professionals in mind

Purrmetrix is an award winning solution that helps you provide a productive and efficient space for your colleagues and visitors. Our technology is designed to be accurate, scaleable and affordable, working effectively in small deployments or in entire campuses. With more than four million sensor hours under our belt we have learnt a few lessons about what is important to real estate professionals – get in touch to discuss your requirements as you open up your facility.

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