Connecting your hardware with the web service

With hardware and web service in your hand your first step is connect the hardware to your webservice.

First, plug the power supply into the gateway and use the Ethernet cable to connect it to a router or other Ethernet socket on your local network. You should see two lights on the back of the gateway beside the Ethernet port – orange is power, green is internet – and a red LED inside the case, between the Ethernet port and the power socket will light up.

Once the gateway is activated, open your web service, where you will see an invitation to connect your gateway (below). Click on Action in the top menu, then pick the ‘adopt a gateway’ link.

Startup screen

You will be prompted to enter the pass phrase on the end of the gateway. Leave the spaces between the words.

Your service should now confirm that your gateway is adopted.

The next step is to wake up your kittens. They are supplied ‘asleep’ to save their battery – if you squeeze the face an LED inside the sensor will flash lazily to show it is asleep. If you then squeeze the face of the kitten four times it will wake up. You can tell it is awake because the LED changes to a faster flash.

Once they are awake, place the kittens near the gateway and hit ‘next’ in the web service. The gateway should now discover all the kittens within range, and they will appear in the library of your account (the top block marked ‘<Your team name> things’). If you can’t see anything in that block, you may need to click on the slider that makes the hardware visible:

Find library

If you want to know which kitten is in your hand, simply press the nose and let go, the kitten in the web service will go red and will temporarily appear in the top right corner.

You can now prepare to install your kittens where you need them. But first you will need to be familiar with how to build an analytics view in your web account.

Click here to find out how to build your first analytics view.

Or, click here to go back and check how to get hardware and a web service.

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