Creating other views

With your kittens fixed and the first view set up, there are a range of other views to help you interpret the data.The Purrmetrix web service supports a huge range of analytics views; the full list of views is available below.

Setting up views follows the same steps as with the heatmap:

  1. Open ‘create view’ and select the view you want.
  2. Once the view opens, drag and drop the kittens you want to analyse into the new view. You can either select the kittens from the heatmap you made in the last step, or from the library block at the top of your project.
  3. You can change the title of the view by double clicking on the title
  4. Click on the gear icon (see below) to open up the settings panel. Each view has its own settings, for example in the waterfall view you can change what metric your kittens are reporting, link the colour map to your temperature range and put in averages.View settings
  5. It’s possible to change the order of views by dragging each view box using its top border.


To remove kittens from a  view simply drag them to the bottom right and drop them into the bin that appears. They will only disappear from the view you originally selected them, and will remain in location in all others.

If you are moving kittens from one plan view to another they will retain their location on the plan.

It is possible to copy a view, complete with kittens. Open the setting by clicking on the gear icon and click on the copy button at the bottom left. To paste, open the actions menu and click ‘Paste View’ and a new copy will appear at the top of the list of views. This option can be used to lift a view from one project and copy it into a new project.

For a full list of analytics views click here.

Once you have a number of views set up you might find you need to start exploring different ways to organise and manage multiple views. Click here to find out more about managing multiple views

Or go back to refresh your memory on how to set up your first, heat map, view.

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