Creating reports

Many customers need to report results on a regular cycle to third parties. Purrmetrix allows our customers to create word based reports that can be run and downloaded whenever needed, including any views you need.

Reports work by using a Word template, which provides placeholders that mark where each view should be included. Choose the views that you want to include in the report and you can then run all the views for the time period you want to report on.

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To make a new report, go to the reports section on the top menu and click ‘Make new report’

  1. You can either use one of our prepared templates, or create your own Word document with the right placeholders in it. For more details see the notes section
  2. Upload the template to the report on the hot spot
  3. To attach views to the report, search for the titles of the views you are interested in. Once the search results are returned drag the view up to the list above the search box. You can reorder the views into the order you wish them to appear in the template
  4. When all the views are selected, you can select a date range for your report.
  5. Run the analysis for each view by clicking on the tool box icon. You will get a small preview thumbnail once it is completed
  6. Once the analyses are complete, click publish and your report will download automatically.


Reports need a Word template, saved as a .docx format.


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