Get a complete picture of your (in)efficiency.

With an array of simple sensors, Purr makes it easy to identify energy wasted in operating your estate.



Better monitoring and control has changed the face of professional energy management. Metering data is now commonly used to identify and reduce excess energy use and help businesses work intelligently.

At the same time, energy management – and corporate social responsibility – is rising up the business agenda as a tool for reducing costs, improving attractiveness to recruits, and fulfilling wider social agendas.

But while energy managers are relying more on data and upskilling to get the information they need, there are still gaps in the information that leave a lot of energy reduction opportunities untouched: Metering data is useful, but it doesn’t give you an understanding of how effectively the energy is being spent. This means it is difficult for an energy manager to identify if 1 KWh spent on HVAC in building A is more useful than the 1KWh spent in building B.

More practically, meter data is often patchy and difficult to allocate against particular uses.

Providing reliable good quality data

By monitoring environmental conditions in commercial buildings, Purrmetrix can be used to deal with this problem. Environmental conditions (temp, humidity, CO2) help energy managers identify many common causes of inefficiency:

– heating/cooling systems run out of operating hours
– heating/cooling systems used in empty rooms
– HVAC zones out of alignment and fighting each other
– different systems fighting each other
– excessive heat loss or gain in some part of the building
– set points that are too high or low

Purrmetrix allows EMs to collect the data they need, from the locations they need it, with confidence in its quality. For key environmental and operational parameters (temperature, humidity, CO2, occupation), EMs can collect data from exactly the points of interest, and send it back to the web service in real time. There is no limitation on data volume and data is collected in a consistent format. So it is easier to get the right answers from your data.

Using a tool that is easy to deploy and redeploy

Most EMs are managing several buildings of different sizes and value. The majority of buildings in any portfolio will be without adequate data but getting better data can be a costly exercise – not only the expense of sensors, but the costs of labour and disruption – a full roll out can’t be justified for many buildings.

Purrmetrix is easy to deploy, keeping costs and disruption to a minimum. Installation for a small building can be done by non experts in less than an hour, providing high quality data out of the box, with no need for visits to download data or check performance.

The system is also extremely portable, so can be deployed across a number of buildings over time, for troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Purrmetrix sensors in the office


Purrmetrix Pro provides everything a busy energy manager needs for collecting output data:

  • easily deployed, affordable environmental sensors
  • a flexible and scaleable web service to store the data
  • a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information
  • reporting and alerts tools
  • export and API facilities

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