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Data has never been more critical for the commercial real estate industry – the right data can drive huge improvements in buildings and how they are run.

Good data and analysis can help FMs provide more value to their clients in several areas. For example, in energy management where it is critical to decision making about how buildings are operated. In space planning, where a deep understanding of how a facility is used can highlight opportunities for improvements and savings. And finally, in understanding how to optimise a building to help the people in it be more productive.

Yet for every corporate HQ showcase there are typically thousands of commercial buildings where data on what is happening is scarce and low quality. Facilities managers and asset managers want to harness data to give them a true picture of the health of their assets and workforce. But many find themselves wrestling with a patchwork of data sources, spending hours finding and preparing data before they can get into any analysis.

Reliable, good quality data for your estate

Modern FMs want to use robust data that is relevant to the task at hand, and find some buildings have a huge amount – BMS, BEMS, BIM models, meter data – while others have very little. But dig a little deeper, and even the buildings with a large amount of sensors may not be useful:

  • data may be coming from the wrong location (a temperature measurement taken from the ceiling void, rather than at desk level)
  • data may be for the wrong time period, or measured over the wrong interval (one measurement a day, rather than every 30 minutes)
  • data may be simply wrong – sensors drift out of calibration, or stop working altogether.

Purrmetrix can be used to deal with this problem, allowing FMs to collect the data they need, from the locations they need it, with confidence in its quality. For key environmental and operational parameters (temperature, humidity, CO2, occupation), FMs can collect data from exactly the points of interest, and send it back to the web service in real time. There is no limitation on data volume and data is collected in a consistent format. So it is easier to get the right answers from your data.

Flexible and redeployable

Many FMs are managing several buildings of different sizes and value. The majority of buildings in any portfolio will be without adequate data but getting better data can be a costly exercise – not only the expense of sensors, but the costs of labour and disruption – a full roll out can’t be justified for many buildings.

Purrmetrix is easy to deploy, keeping costs and disruption to a minimum. Installation for a small building can be done by non experts in less than an hour, providing high quality data out of the box, with no need for visits to download data or check performance.

The system is also extremely portable, so can be deployed across a number of buildings over time, for troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Analytics for the whole team

At present, FMs are often called upon to spend time interpreting data on top of their day job. Tools and time for doing this are limited, and not everyone in the team may have the skills necessary. Sharing the results of an analysis with clients and colleagues can also be difficult without a standardised process.

By creating standard analytical templates, the Purrmetrix web service allows non experts to deal with common problems, while maintaining the raw data for a deeper dive analysis. Common questions include ‘which of my buildings are performing best?’ ‘where are the most significant problems’ ‘which of my buildings might need fabric improvements?’ and we are constantly adding to our menu of templates and reports.

Purrmetrix sensors in the office


Purrmetrix Pro provides everything a busy professional team needs for precision management of buildings:

  • easily deployed, affordable environmental sensors
  • a flexible and scaleable web service to store the data
  • a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information
  • reporting and alerts tools
  • export and API facilities

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