Installing your system

We strongly recommend taking some time to find the best place for the kittens and recording their whereabouts in the notes field for each kitten (see the notes section below).

To install Purr hardware.

  1. Follow the steps to collect your hardware to your account
  2. Double click on the ‘Live Heatmap’ view and drop a plan or other image of your installation into the view (see notes below for tips).
  3. Pick up your first kitten and fix it in the location you want it in. In the webservice, drag the corresponding kitten to the right location on your image.
  4. At this point you can make a note in the webservice of the exact location of the kitten, by double clicking on the kitten and filling in the notes field (eg ‘under desk’).
  5. Repeat until you have placed all your physical kittens.
  6. Your plan will now automatically populate with data.


Views will support images in PNG, JPG, SVG format. For best results the images should be sized to 800 px wide, although the window will resize bigger images.

Depending on your order options, your kittens may have come prelabelled with identities (which will also appear in the webservice) or they may be blank for your own labelling. If you are unsure which kitten you have in front of you, it’s easy to identify. Simply squeeze and let go – the LED (red for the temperature sensors and green for the humidity sensors) in the kitten should flash and after a short (c. 10 seconds) delay the kitten in the web account will go red.

Kittens are sensitive to localised conditions, so try to place them in the locations that best reflect ambient temperatures. Avoid direct sunlight, exhausts from machinery and mounting them directly onto metallic surfaces.