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For Legionella monitoring services who wish to improve risk detection and reduce cost to serve, Purrmetrix offers automated reporting of water temperatures and flushing events in pipework. Using a network of easy to fit temperature sensors reporting data in real time we save staff time and mileage, automate L8 reporting and improve the estimation of Legionella risk.

Purrmetrix is a web based data logging and analysis service that makes it easy to measure temperature on pipework and turn the data into L8 reports and risk estimations. Create monthly reports, move reporting points around, get alerts when flushing or other action is needed – all of this is easy with our wireless sensors and web service.
And we go further: our web service allows you to map your data onto your environment and replay the heatmap, providing valuable context for what is happening. It offers alerting, reports and a range of pre-prepared analyses to get the information you need from your data without hours of spreadsheet work.
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