Managing many views with projects

Purr’s webservice is a very flexible tool that can support many different types of analyses on data from any location in your project. This can rapidly create a lot of different views, and organising these in a logical fashion will save time and improve performance.

To do this we use ‘projects’. A project, for Purr, can be any group of views that have a common theme. Some examples:

  • All the views for each building in an estate
  • All the views for refrigeration units where there is some question mark over performance
  • A group of views set up for the north end of several greenhouses

To set up a project:

  1. Click on the create new project button near the top of the page.
  2. Select the kittens you want from the library, or paste an existing view in (see ‘working with views‘) to automatically import all the hardware you want to associate with that view
  3. Name your project using the project dialogue box


For sensitive analyses, projects can be locked as private to one user only.

We recommend creating a Backup project from your first installation. This can be used to keep copies of any heatmaps you create and thus is a safe record of where sensors are installed.

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