Is your cooling doing its job?

Purr makes improvements to your data centre’s efficiency easy and low risk.


Trying to wring the best efficiency from data centre cooling without compromising uptime is a balancing act. And without good information you are doing it blindfold.

Purr makes it possible to monitor all your racks to an astonishing level of detail. So you can find the right balance, mitigate potential troublespots before they become disasters and plan capacity with much more confidence.

Purr will help you understand how heat moves around your data centre – and how it leaves – with the detail you need to make decisions. With an array of small sensors and a powerful set of analytics, Purr can tell you what you need to know about the heat in every part of your facility. It provides comprehensive information to help them walk the crucial – and narrow – path between energy efficiency and resilience:

  • Identify zones out of ASHRAE guidelines
  • Monitor hot spots throughout system adjustments
  • RCI for each rack
  • RTI at any and every point you need
  • Bypass air alerts
  • Recirculation indicator
  • Alerts for installation problems such as reversed servers, doors open.

Purr is simple to fit, doesn’t need any specialist contractors to set it up and will start providing information and advice about your HVAC immediately.

It’s totally flexible – use Purr to monitor as much or little of your facility as you need – from known troublespots to entire buildings. Set up alerts to suit your processes and goals and access your data for deeper analysis across any location or time range.

Using Purr you can create reports on monthly compliance with SLA levels and identify any problem areas for discussion with your Colocation provider.

Purr is extremely flexible. It can be installed for specific troublespots or to monitor complete estates. Use it for a month’s troubleshooting, or as a permanent safeguard.


Purrmetrix Pro provides everything a busy professional team needs for precision management of DC environments:

  • easily deployed, affordable environmental sensors
  • a flexible and scaleable web service to store the data
  • a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information
  • reporting and alerts tools
  • export and API facilities

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