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Purrmetrix makes high quality sensors and powerful analytics in the cloud. So you get the insights you need.

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Purrmetrix is an array of high quality sensors that drives powerful analytics.


Lay out your sensors.

Temperature, humidity, CO2, motion: imagine sensors so quick and easy to retrofit to your building that you can deploy hundreds in a single morning. Sensors which need no maintenance and are simply replaced with new after 3 years.

Temperature heatmap of office building

Add them to your heatmap.

Adding plans to your web account is quick and simple. Drag and drop each sensor to the right place and watch the heatmap respond as data starts to flow.


Choose your analytics.

Your hardware comes out of the box with basic analysis but can be extended with one of our analytics bundles. Choose from a huge range to save yourself time and uncover new insights from environmental data.

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Easy to Install

Our small sensors can be installed in minutes but will last for years, with minimum maintenance. Plug in the gateway, attach your sensors and add its icon to a plan in the account.


Purrmetrix is fully redeployable. Move sensors easily and set up new analyses to explore as many projects as you need to.

Scales to Your Need

From greenhouse to housing estate, Purrmetrix scales well to allow single users or teams to get maximum value from a deployment.

Powerful Analytics

Turn data into information using a wide range of analytic approaches.


Purr’s powerful analytics are used in many industries,
wherever environmental data can help improve the efficiency of buildings, processes or people.

Social Housing.

Helping landlords understand what is happening in their housing.

Facilities Management.

Improving energy efficiency, space utilisation and productivity.

Energy Management.

Finding and benchmarking energy reduction opportunities.


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