Your biggest source of energy savings may be invisible. Typically, schools and colleges are spending 50% of their energy bills on heating their premises, but have little or no visibility on whether that money is actually delivering what they need: the right temperature, at the right time.

The result is heating that is too hot. Or not hot enough. Or both at the same time but in different parts of the school. Boilers working away at odd hours of the day and night, literally burning your money to heat empty rooms.

These are often dismissed as trivial issues, but in fact it’s common to find such problems are increasing heating bills by 10 – 20%. Removing these problems is low or no cost, often as simple as turning down a thermostat – if you can spot the problems in the first place.

Purrmetrix gives you visibility on these problems. With a simple-to-fit set of sensors and a web based service, we give you the power to run regular checks on the performance of your heating system to ensure it is doing what you want and no more. Sensors can be fitted to radiators, pipework, boilers or simply check the room temperature. They send data in real time back to the web service where they are mapped onto a plan of the building so it is easy to see where problems are occurring and to create an efficient action list.

For regular inspections the web service offers some powerful options to set up a whole range of analyses on the building’s performance and run automated reports to look for problems as often as you want. It can also be set up to give immediate alerts of any breaches in conditions and – with the right sensors – collect data on other important factors such as CO2 and light levels in buildings.

Purrmetrix is affordable, easy to use, and should pay back within its first heating season. If you’d like some idea of where your savings might come from, please click below for our free calculator on how much invisible waste might be costing you.

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