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As Social Housing Providers face great pressure to do more with less, better data on the environment that homes provide can offer a valuable opportunity to improve the way housing services are provided.

Good environmental data and analysis can help asset managers target repairs and replacements more accurately, and plan efficient work programmes. Information on conditions can help housing managers provide focussed guidance for tenants on how to keep themselves – and their homes – sound and healthy.

But getting good data and turning into information is difficult. Information on most homes is confined to build type, past improvements and maintenance calls. Information on current condition is restricted to survey data. However the internet of things now provides the opportunity to gather real data on the actual performance of homes and use it to improve productivity and conditions for tenants.

Providing reliable good quality data

To be useful to managers, environmental data must be relevant to the task at hand, accurate and easy to work with.

Purrmetrix allows managers to collect the data they need, from the locations they need it, with confidence in its quality. For key environmental and operational parameters (temperature, humidity, CO2, occupation), managers can collect data from exactly the points of interest, and send it back to the web service in real time. There is no limitation on data volume and data is collected in a consistent format. So it is easier to get the right answers from your data.

Redeploy as often as you need

The scenarios in which environmental data is valuable are many and varied, from monitoring vulnerable populations to benchmarking the heat loss performance of new windows. With thousands of homes to work with getting better data can be a costly exercise – not only the expense of sensors, but the costs of installation meaning a full roll out can’t be justified for many use cases.

Purrmetrix is easy to deploy, keeping costs and disruption to a minimum. Installation for a small home can be done by non experts in less than an hour, providing high quality data out of the box, with no need for visits to download data or check performance.

The system is also extremely portable, so can be deployed across a number of homes over time, for troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Information for everyone

Not everyone in social housing is a data ninja. Tools and time for interpreting data are limited, and sharing the results of an analysis with colleagues and tenants can also be difficult without a standardised process.

By creating standard analytical templates, the Purrmetrix web service allows non experts to deal with common problems, while maintaining the raw data for a deeper dive analysis. Common questions in social housing include ‘which of my homes have the highest risk of condensation problems?’ ‘who of my tenants seems to be at risk of ill health from poor heating’ ‘are the new windows making a difference to heat loss?’ and we are constantly adding to our menu of templates and reports.


Purrmetrix Pro provides everything a busy professional team needs for precision management of buildings:

  • easily deployed, affordable environmental sensors
  • a flexible and scaleable web service to store the data
  • a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information
  • reporting and alerts tools
  • export and API facilities

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