Working with views

Once you have collected the hardware to your Purr account and set up your first view, there are many views available that can help you make sense of the data you are collecting.

Each view has its own localised settings, however the basic process for setting up the views is similar: open the view, select the kittens that need to contribute to the view, drag and drop them into the view box, adjust the settings in the view to give you the information you are interested in.

To demonstrate, we shall set up a ‘Graph and Heatmap’ view:

  1. Click on the ‘graph and heatmap’ icon to open up the view.
  2. Upload a plan or image to locate the kittens on.
  3. Select the kittens you want to contribute to that view. You can either select kittens from the ‘library’ block at the top of the views, or direct from another view.
  4. Drag and drop those kittens into the new view.
  5. Click on the title of the view to give it a new name and to set it up with the right characteristics. In this case you can set the range of the heatmap’s colours to reflect the temperature range you are interested in.
  6. You can now use the date picker on the graph to select the time that interests you.

Sharing views

If you want to share the results of a view without having to give account access. Purr’s views can be shared publicly, either a simple web page, or as an object embedded in a dashboard using iframes.

To share a view:

  1. Set up the view and select the time frame that you wish to share.
  2. Click on the view title to bring up the view dialogue.
  3. Click on the embeddable link for this view. It will open a new page.Share and embed views
  4. Copy and paste the URL for this new page to share with colleagues or place in an iframe for a dashboard


To remove kittens from a  view simply drag them to one side and drop them. They will only disappear from the view you originally selected them, and will remain in location in all others.

If you are moving kittens from one plan view to another they will retain their location on the plan.

It is possible to copy a view, complete with kittens. Open the view dialogue by clicking on the view name and click on the copy button at the bottom left. To paste, open the actions menu and click ‘Paste View’ and a new copy will appear at the top of the list of views. This option can be used to lift a view from one project and copy it into a new project.

At this point, not all views support linking to a preselected time view. The default is to show the last hour, day or week.

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