Data driven housing decisions

Warmscore offers flexible, powerful monitoring for insights into housing performance


We build better monitoring tools to help deliver better homes. For retrofit, for repair, or for improving housing, sensor data provides crucial insights into what is wrong and what is needed. We collect temperature, humidity and CO2 data and combine it with energy measurements in our powerful analytics platform to help landlords, advisors and homeowners make better decisions and identify what works.

Our Warmscore system is a simple toolset of sensors that anyone can fit in their home in 30 minutes. From a few weeks of data in the heating season it will analyse the performance of the house to produce heat loss, ventilation and mould / damp risk. In the summer our platform helps quantify air quality / ventilation and overheat.

Portable and easily deployed in any home, Warmscore is a rapid, robust way to add sensor data to home surveys for better building performance evaluation.

Data driven housing decisions

Monitoring for retrofit and repairs

Using monitoring to measure performance means more confidence that you have the right solutions for the right properties. For landlords tacking condensation, damp and mould it’s a robust estimation of risk and evidence that interventions have worked. For architects and surveyors planning retrofit its information on heatloss, ventilation and comfort and where resources should be focussed.

Warmscore’s uniquely flexible design allows it to be used and re-used across many different projects – it needs no specialist network or wifi; it will not disturb residents. The web based platform makes it easy to understand the basic data and get deep insights into building performance from powerful analytics and a few weeks of monitoring.

Data driven housing decisions

Better monitoring = better housing

There are millions of homes in the UK and their energy efficiency and comfort vary wildly. Surveys cannot always see defects or assess changing performance over time.

Adding monitoring and data analytics to any building assessment gives landlords and homeowners an objective benchmark of the state of the home’s fabric so they can:

– measure baseline performance

– identify upgrade opportunities

– provide evidence of delivery

– find ways to reduce energy bills

Data driven housing decisions


A standard Warmscore toolset holds 4 temperature / humidity sensors, 1 CO2 sensor and a Purrmetrix gateway, enough sensors to cover a typical UK home. The package includes a year of SIM data and the Purrmetrix web service for all sensors. The toolset is customisable for larger or smaller projects and to add in additional energy sensors.

Monitoring projects will vary, depending on the goals and resources (for example not all homes will be suitable for every Warmscore test). At Purrmetrix we have extensive experience in designing and supporting these projects. Please get in touch if you would like a demo or want to discuss your monitoring requirements with us.


Purrmetrix Pro is a powerful, flexible solution for collecting and analysing temperature, humidity and CO2 data in offices and homes:

– easily deployed, affordable environmental sensors

– a flexible and scaleable web service to store the data

– a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information

– reporting and alerts tools

– export and API facilities

If you would like a demonstration of the system or support in planning your monitoring / data needs please do get in touch.