Get your good work recognised

Delivering efficient homes involves a lot of planning and work. Heat losses must be calculated for heating systems, survey work and recommendations completed even for fairly small insulation jobs. Post works snagging can also consume unexpected time.

Purrmetrix builds monitoring tools and calculators to help you deliver more successful and profitable projects.


using monitoring to deliver better jobs

Purrmetrix monitoring tools are a quick and easy way to add measurement into your projects. With robust temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors, our analytics can produce useful calculations on the state of a home, including heat loss figures, ventilation checks and condensation / damp monitoring. These can save hours of time in estimating the right size for heating systems, especially calculating heat loss figures and troubleshooting problems such as balancing radiators. Meaning you can swap 4 hours running heat loss calculations for 30 minutes fitting sensors.

Providing customers with clear, measured information on what is happening in their homes gives them confidence that the work they are buying is the right solution. Post project it helps them see the improvements they have paid for and helps you troubleshoot any snagging fast and efficiently.


easy to fit monitoring in homes

Warmscore provides an easy to work with toolset that can be quickly installed in any home with no reliance on wifi and very little disturbance to homeowners. Using a simple toolset of sensors that anyone can fit in 30 minutes we send data back to our web service for reporting and analysis. A few days of data may be enough to isolate recurring problems, and with a few weeks of data in the heating season it will analyse the performance of the house to produce heat loss, ventilation and condensation / damp risk.

The toolset provides uniquely high resolution data, with sensors for each room providing high frequency updates. Localised data means detailed understanding of any problems in homes, and flexible, easy to fit sensors mean the system can be adapted to meet the needs of each home. The uniquely flexible design means Warmscore can be used and re-used across many different projects, and it can be extended with additional energy measurement from smart meters or Purrmetrix sensors to give a deeper understanding of energy usage in homes.

Warmscore for installers

Warmscore provides everything you need to show customers how their homes are performing:

– flexible toolset that can be deployed and redeployed for a range of situations

– easy to install sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2 and electrical energy

– scaleable and flexible web service to store the data

– a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information

– reporting and alerts tools

– export and API facilities

Find out more about the technology here or contact us for a demo