Making retrofit decisions easier for homeowners

We build monitoring tools to deliver better retrofit projects and better housing. Using data on temperature, humidity, energy and air quality gives everyone in your project a clear understanding of where the problems are in the home and with areas might have the biggest impact. It sets a benchmark of conditions in the home so that you can see the improvements your project has delivered. And Warmscore’s powerful software can go further to provide technical measurements like calculation of heat loss, estimates of ventilation rates and condensation analysis, which help architects, surveyors and builders deliver solutions tailored specifically to the performance of your home.



Warmscore is a simple toolset of sensors that anyone can fit in their home in 30 minutes, to deliver data and insights from a powerful web platform. From a few weeks of data in the heating season it will analyse the performance of the house to benchmark comfort across each area and to produce calculations of heat loss, ventilation and mould / damp risk. These insights are of use to surveyors, architects, retrofit co-ordinators and other renovation professionals when designing solutions for your home.

Easy to fit, the toolset can be installed by anyone in your project team or you can choose to set up and share the insights – it collects data from many points in the house and can be used for a few weeks of testing or long term monitoring to check conditions suit your lives.



Using monitoring to measure performance means more confidence that you have the right solution for your house. For architects and surveyors planning retrofit its information on heat loss, ventilation and comfort, so decisions can be made on the right approach. For homeowners the information can give immediate insights into how simple changes in behaviour can cut bills and improve comfort before and after retrofit.

Already used by professional landlords and architects all over the UK, Warmscore’s uniquely flexible design allows it to be used in a wide variety of different projects – it needs no wifi connection and the inconspicuous sensors are easy to live with. The temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors can be extended with additional energy measurement from smart meters or Purrmetrix current sensors to give a deeper understanding of energy usage in homes.

The web based platform makes it easy to understand the basic data and get deep insights into building performance from powerful analytics and a few weeks of monitoring.

Warmscore for homeowners

Warmscore provides everything you need to understand the energy efficiency of the fabric of your homes:

– flexible toolset that can be deployed and redeployed for a range of situations

– easy to install sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2 and electrical energy

– scaleable and flexible web service to store the data

– a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information

– reporting and alerts tools

– export and API facilities

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