For landlords managing large estates, we’re making it easier to collect the environmental data you need to understand the energy performance of a house and make decisions on retrofit, repairs and fixing damp / mould.

With robust temperature, humidity and CO2 data, analytics can produce powerful benchmarks on the performance of your homes, identifying those that would benefit the most from retrofit and remediation. Our Warmscore system is a simple toolset of sensors that anyone can fit in their home in 30 minutes. From a few weeks of data in the heating season it will analyse the performance of the house to produce heat loss, ventilation and mould / damp risk. In the summer our platform helps quantify air quality / ventilation and overheat.


benefits for landlords

As budgets tighten and pressure on housing quality grows, there’s a rising demand for better insights into housing performance. Although EPCs and other forms of assessment are common, confidence in the data is low, making decisions difficult. Measuring housing performance means better decisions and provides evidence of what is working.

At Purrmetrix, we want to make it easy for landlords to get started with data for their retrofit and remediation projects. Our Warmscore tool is designed to be used alongside survey or site visits. It can directly measure complex performance measures like heat loss, condensation risk and ventilation rates. Or simply be used to demonstrate that tenants have a warm, dry home.

Data and measurement provides insights into which homes should be prioritised for repair or retrofit. Measuring energy performance, calculating ventilation rates and condensation risk helps landlords identify the best package of interventions to improve energy efficiency.


features of the system

Warmscore provides an easy to work with toolset that can be quickly installed in any home with no reliance on wifi and very little disturbance to tenants. The toolset provides uniquely high resolution data, with sensors for each room providing high frequency updates. Localised data means detailed understanding of any problems in homes, and flexible, easy to fit sensors mean the system can be adapted to meet the needs of each home.

Live data on temperature, humidity and CO2 in the home is sent to the Purrmetrix cloud platform, where it can confirm acceptable living conditions for tenants, and be used to calculate heat loss in the home, measure air changes (ventilation rates) and look at profiles of humidity for calculating condensation and damp / mould risk.

The uniquely flexible design means Warmscore can be used and re-used across many different projects, so for landlords with thousands of homes it provides a rapid and cost effective way to build benchmarks of performance in multiple homes. It can be extended with additional energy measurement from smart meters or Purrmetrix sensors to give a deeper understanding of energy usage in homes.

Warmscore for landlords

Warmscore provides everything you need to understand the energy efficiency of the fabric of your homes:

– flexible toolset that can be deployed and redeployed for a range of situations

– easy to install sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2 and electrical energy

– scaleable and flexible web service to store the data

– a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information

– reporting and alerts tools

– export and API facilities

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