Surveyors and Architects

Evidence based advice

For architects and retrofit assessors interested in collecting data on a home’s performance, Purrmetrix provides the sensors and software tools that make it easy to demonstrate what needs doing.  

Property professionals are being asked to do more and more with data. Temperature, humidity and air quality data have potential to transform how recommendations are delivered. Measurement post project can demonstrate the success of the work. From surveyors looking at  damp data to understand a condensation issue to architects asked to conduct a post occupancy survey, the use of monitoring in design and survey is expanding.

Surveyors and Architects

Using monitoring to deliver better projects

We build better monitoring tools to help deliver better designs, better homes and better retrofit projects. With our housing toolset, Warmscore, you can collect data on temperature, humidity, energy and air quality to get  a clear understanding of where the problems are in the home.

The powerful software can go further to provide technical measurements like calculation of heat loss, estimates of ventilation rates and condensation analysis. It sets benchmarks of conditions in the home so that you can demonstrate the improvements your work has delivered as part of a formal or informal post occupancy survey.

Surveyors and Architects

Easy to fit monitoring in homes

Already used by professional landlords and architects all over the UK, Warmscore’s flexible design provides an easy to work with toolset that can be quickly installed in any home with no reliance on wifi and very little disturbance to householders. The toolset provides uniquely high resolution data, with sensors for each room providing high frequency updates. Localised data means detailed understanding of any problems in homes, and flexible, easy to fit sensors mean the system can be adapted to meet the needs of each home.

Live data on temperature, humidity and CO2 in the home is sent to the Purrmetrix cloud platform, where it can confirm acceptable living conditions, and be used to calculate heat loss in the home, measure air changes (ventilation rates) and look at profiles of humidity for calculating condensation and damp / mould risk.

Surveyors and Architects

using monitoring to deliver better jobs

The highly flexible design means Warmscore can be used and re-used across many different projects, so it provides a rapid and cost effective way to build benchmarks of performance in multiple homes. It can be extended with additional energy measurement from smart meters or Purrmetrix sensors to give a deeper understanding of energy usage in homes.

Warmscore for advisors

Warmscore provides everything you need to show customers how their homes are performing:

– flexible toolset that can be deployed and redeployed for a range of situations

– easy to install sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2 and electrical energy

– scaleable and flexible web service to store the data

– a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information

– reporting and alerts tools

– export and API facilities

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