Scalable and effective monitoring tools for offices and schools


Understanding your indoor air quality protects health and productivity. Purrmetrix monitoring solutions means property professionals can quickly assess conditions in schools and offices and take action if needed.

The data is in. Multiple studies in offices and schools show that maintaining good indoor environments improves productivity for a wide range of tasks, and protects employees from a range of conditions including allergies, eye problems, fatigue and respiratory distress. Understanding your IAQ is now an important component at all parts of a building’s lifecycle – in post occupancy evaluation through to operation and upgrades.


From design to operation – how data adds value

Increasingly, evidence based reviews are a part of the lifecycle for a home, office or school – post occupancy evaluation, PAS2035, BREEAM, building performance evaluations are services in demand. Monitoring environmental conditions like air quality, temperature and humidity can verify the performance of buildings and demonstrate that they are meeting the original design intent. For facilities managers, data provides immediate feedback on what is working and where improvements can be made. It can also highlight energy waste and underutilised spaces.

Collecting data on the conditions in the building can close the performance gap, highlight any problems and help diagnose the cause. Later, it can demonstrate that fixes have been successful and give occupiers confidence that their workplace is healthy and productive.


Delivering the best IAQ data

Purrmetrix provides award winning tools to collect and analyse indoor air quality data. Designed for survey work, our solution is accurate, scaleable and affordable, working effectively in small deployments or in entire campuses. Temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors are quick to deploy with no need to pair to wifi systems or local networks. Our online portal can host data from hundreds of sensors to help you turn it into results with our pre-packaged range of analyses. Or you can export the data and work with it in your tools of choice.

Indoor air quality monitoring not only helps protect the productivity and health of those in the building, it provides a powerful tool to manage buildings more effectively. Analysis of IAQ data can reduce maintenance costs, avoid energy waste, and, when coupled with movement detection, help make improvements in space utilisation.


Air quality solutions built with property professionals in mind

With more than four million sensor hours under our belt we have learnt a few lessons about what is important in effective data collection:

– easy to manage sensors. Scaleable, secure, and precisely targeted to the parameters you are interested in

– standalone connectivity. Plus managed connectivity service to reduce stress of supporting retrofitted sensors

– integrations. We play nicely with third party sensors. We have a range of integrations for popular sensors

– powerful and intuitive web tools. To analyse your data, set up reports, manage devices and integrate data from other sources

Every monitoring / data collection project is different and we are always happy to advise on what is possible and useful. If you are thinking of getting a deeper understanding of your indoor environment, do get in touch and we would be delighted to show you more.


Purrmetrix Pro is a powerful, flexible solution for collecting and analysing temperature, humidity and CO2 data in offices and homes:

– easily deployed, affordable environmental sensors

– a flexible and scaleable web service to store the data

– a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information

– reporting and alerts tools

– export and API facilities

If you would like a demonstration of the system or support in planning your monitoring / data needs please do get in touch.