08 Sep

‘But why kittens?’

‘But why kittens?’

I would say it’s a long story…but it isn’t.

Bear in mind when we first started Purrmetrix the thing we were most interested in was temperature. It’s not surprising that organisations spend a lot on maintaining the right temperature – not only is temperature critically important for many processes, it protects expensive assets and can affect productivity. On the other hand, it is variable enough to carry a great deal of information: you can learn a lot about a building from an effective heat map. So it was the perfect place to start in producing useful building analytics.

And yet, we didn’t want to come across as too clinical. It didn’t seem very, well, comfortable. Which was kind of the point.

What is comfortable and also expert at identifying hot spots, is a cat.

And thus the idea of Purrmetrix, and a whole litter of kitten sensors, arrived.