30 Jul

Closing the loop – electricity monitoring with Purrmetrix

Closing the loop – electricity monitoring with Purrmetrix

Looking for energy monitoring? We’re delighted to say we now have a solution for you – Purrmetrix now provides flexible, easy to deploy current sensors that can be used next to meters or on individual circuits to understand where and why electricity is being consumed.

This makes it easy to monitor electricity, temperature, humidity and CO2 in your home, with a full set of sensors and a Purrmetrix gateway. Understand the true energy performance of your home, including

1) when and where your electricity is being consumed 

2) the comfort in your home

3) the performance of your fabric 

Easy energy data plus home comfort

Energy data is stored in the cloud so you can view historic and real time data for your home or facility. Track the biggest electricity consumers and get them under control. Find out how much solar generation is providing. Troubleshoot vampire loads to bring your energy bills down.

With additional environmental sensors you can understand if the heating is wasting energy running when and where you don’t need it or identify possible problems with condensation or air quality before they impact your health.

How it works

Purrmetrix current sensors are battery powered clip on sensors with a wireless transmitter unit. They send data back to a Purrmetrix gateway which passes the data through to our web service, so you can see your information on any web browser.

Because the connection between the current sensors and the gateway is wireless the sensors are extremely flexible and easy to fit even in restricted spaces, with a range of up to 40m in most homes. A gateway can support multiple sensors – add additional current sensors, temperature, humidity, CO2, whenever and wherever you need.

Every 30 seconds the sensors report consumption to your online account. You can read the full history of your data online, map it over time to see recurring patterns of consumption, make notes and set alerts if consumption goes over a threshold. The data can be downloaded as CSVs or even harvested through an API.

If you’d like to explore more on how energy monitoring can improve the performance of your home or order some sensors for evaluation, take a look at the data sheet here or please get in touch for a demonstration.


PLEASE NOTE – these clip on current sensors are designed to be self fit. This will bring you into proximity with electrical cabling where your safety is your responsibility. The sensors are designed to be non invasive – in other words, they should not have direct contact with the AC mains. If there is any risk of direct contact please do not proceed. Before you fit anything, especially if you are installing in a consumer unit, you must ensure that the power is switched off and proceed with care. If there are any doubts and especially if you can see any bare copper do not attempt to fit a unit and consult with an electrician.