How it works

Our Sensors, Gateway and Web Service


With a range of affordable, easily retrofitted environmental sensors we provide high resolution insight into the performance of buildings, projects and infrastructure.

Purr’s hardware and software combine the flexibility of the internet of things with the power of data science. Our sensors are designed to be deployed in large numbers – affordable, trivial to fit and to manage – so you can see what is going on in high resolution. Every 30 seconds they send data back, via a gateway, to your web account, which uses state of the art analytics to create actionable insights for you.

Data Loggers

Buy and fit as many sensors as you need to give you detailed insights into how temperature, humidity, CO2 and occupancy vary across your building.
Temperature and occupancy sensors

Plug in your gateway, fit your sensors, and place them on the web application. And you’re ready to go!

With accuracy within a tenth of a degree, temperature sensors outperform most thermometers and data loggers in the market.

Battery life of up to three years for temperature sensors in typical operation. Recycle at the end of life safe in the knowledge that your analyses will not be lost.

Fit as many or as few sensors as you need – from a single greenhouse to a housing estate. Deploy in new areas as and when you need them. Or simply change the set up of your experiment.

Each gateway can handle 200 sensors within a 30 meter radius (in a typical office environment). Investigate variations across the plan or stratification problems.

Gateway unit

Collect, authenticate and secure the data for transport to your web account.

Collects data from up to 200 kittens

Can be used anywhere there is power and an ethernet socket – broadband router, port on a network or wireless router. Power over ethernet and wifi connected variants are also available.

All data is authenticated and encrypted before transport to the cloud.

Gateway for temperature data

Web service

The Purrmetrix web service allows you to build valuable insights from your environmental data.  From simple alerts through to powerful tools that can benchmark performance, locate problems and predict failures, our platform offers a flexible and constantly improving service.

Easily scaleable, whether you have one or 10,000 sensors. Accessible from desktop web browsers, laptops, tablets or phones.

A range of visualisation and engineering tools for working with the data, plus pre-prepared templated analyses for common tasks such as ranking building performance. Just drop the data in and the results appear.

Web tools provide real time, detailed visibility on the state of your environment. Find out more about problems by knowing when and where they occur – exactly.

New tools and analyses being developed all the time to improve the performance of the software.

Many types of alert and report available based on data from a single point or many points.


The web service supports a huge range of analytical tools, to make the most of the data. From simple visualisations, to benchmarking tools, alerts and reporting, our tools offer deep insights, even if you are not a data ninja.

Visualisations, like heatmaps and waterfalls, allow you to spot interesting patterns in data and put them in context.

Create rankings of performance over any time period, to help you focus your interventions. Which office maintains temperature best? Which homes are at risk for condensation?

Comprehensive, flexible reporting tools that provide actionable insights.