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Heat pumps are a key technology for achieving net zero emissions from domestic housing – but we’re way behind. To catch up we need to make heat pump installations easier and more reliable. For example, measuring the heat loss from a home is a key step in designing an accurate heat pump system, but existing techniques are time consuming, and reduce a customer’s confidence with variable results.

Reduced confidence often drives oversizing of heat pumps, making them more expensive and less efficient. We want to tackle that and make a tool that helps the industry deliver top quality heat pump designs, optimised for the needs of each home.

The Right Sizing Heat Pumps project is developing a solution that will reduce capital costs, operational costs, and grid infrastructure upgrade costs through developing a tool to automate the measurement of heat loss and use that to properly size and optimise heat pump performance.

Using a small set of sensors and smart meter data, we can deliver automated measurement of heat loss to underpin recommendations on the best heat pump model and forecasts of its performance:

By automating heat loss measurement we can reduce survey time for installers and give them more confidence in designing the right solution for any home. More reliable forecasts of performance mean solutions can be optimised to suit homeowners budgets and preferences, giving them independent baselines of what is possible. For landlords accurate records of heat loss and heating requirements allow more informed procurement and supply chain management.


Our portable and automated solution will mean installers can chose how to apply the test; as part of a customer sales visit, or by asking the customer to self install for an accurate quote before full system design.

Each test uses, on average, three weeks of data* and provides reports on heat loss, forecast system performance, the suitability of existing emitters, plus forecasts of capital and operational costs.

RSHP solution means:

  1. Smoother and quicker quotes. Reduce hours on site surveying. No more worrying about hidden fabric defects or air change defaults. Simply an accurate, direct measurement of how much heat the fabric of the home loses
  2. Repeatable results. Measurement delivers a robust and consistent test for heat loss, who ever installs the sensors. Customers will no longer face different heat loss results from different suppliers
  3. Robust forecasts of performance for a range of products. With properly benchmarked models of the home, the tool will help you focus on your customers needs. You can forecast the trade offs between emitter sizing, flow temperature, number of days hitting design specs and costs.

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For the next stage of our development we’re looking for more designers and installers, willing to talk to us about your business and take part in trials of the solution. If that’s you, or if you would simply like to know more about the solution, please get in touch with us using the form below. Every message reaches a real human, we promise!

    *Heat loss measurement is most precise in heating season, when results can be calculated in as little as 10 days. By April at least 30 days are needed.