Measurement and Verification

Assuring quality in building performance



Feedback drives improvement. For building professionals who are trying to create better places, monitoring and verification exercises create valuable information on what works and what needs fixing.

Post occupancy evaluation, PAS2035, BREEAM, Building performance evaluations. Increasingly, evidence based reviews are a part of the lifecycle for a home, office or school. Real data gained from monitoring energy and environmental conditions like air quality, temperature and humidity is used to verify the performance of buildings after construction or upgrade, to demonstrate that they are meeting the original design intent.

Collecting data on the conditions in the building can close the performance gap, highlight any problems and help diagnose the cause. Later, it can demonstrate that fixes have been successful.

When is measurement and verification needed?

Obtaining feedback on a building’s performance in use is becoming mandatory on many projects, for example POE in public buildings and after more complex retrofits under the PAS2035 framework. Even if not mandatory, many clients recognise the value of clear, objective evidence on temperature, humidity and air quality in a house or office to demonstrate that projects have hit their target and produced healthy, productive spaces which are good to live and work in.

Traditionally much measurement and verification has been done either with expensive instruments or lower cost data loggers. Both have their drawbacks – high end instruments tend to have a cost which deters measurement at many points in a building, data loggers can create a labour overhead in downloading and interpreting data. For professionals who wish to get the most comprehensive picture, Purrmetrix’s affordable monitoring solution allows multipoint, realtime monitoring with built in analysis tools and reporting.

Monitoring and verification solutions for a more complete picture

Purrmetrix is an award winning solution that helps you provide a complete picture of a buildings performance.

Our technology is designed to be accurate, scaleable and affordable, working effectively in small deployments or in entire campuses.

With more than four million sensor hours under our belt we have learnt a few lessons about what is important to real estate professionals:

– easy to manage sensors. Scaleable, secure, and precisely targeted to the parameters you are interested in

– standalone connectivity. Plus managed connectivity service to reduce stress of supporting retrofitted sensors

– integrations. We play nicely with third party sensors. We have a range of integrations for popular sensors

– powerful and intuitive web tools. To analyse your data, set up reports, manage devices and integrate data from other sources

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Purrmetrix Pro provides everything a busy professional team needs for precision management of environments:

  • easily deployed, affordable environmental sensors
  • a flexible and scaleable web service to store the data
  • a full suite of specialised analytical tools to turn the data into information
  • reporting and alerts tools
  • export and API facilities

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